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The never-before-told story of how the trout came to call Indian rivers its home.


When the East India Company's business venture with India turned into a full-fledged occupation of the country, the British in India, apart from establishing their governance, were concerned with one more thing – how to make their surroundings here more akin to their homeland. Even as they dotted the Indian terrain with their manicured gardens, clock towers and pristine colonial structures, many among them (particularly a clutch of British anglers) increasingly felt the absence of one essential fish in Indian rivers – the trout. A Fish in Alien Streams presents the astounding story of a motley group of mavericks, adventurers and eccentric naturalists who, driven by their peculiar fixation, were obsessed with introducing the trout to India's rivers.


This delightful account of an unknown slice of India's colonial past combines incredible research involving antique books, rare documents and letters of wistful longing for the trout with the minutiae of fishing and skilful planning. Spanning the Kashmir valley, Kullu, Uttarkashi, the Nilgiris, erstwhile Travancore and Ceylon, this unique and incredible tale is about magnificent passions, countless failures and ultimate triumph.

A Fish in Alien Streams by Herjinder

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