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535 CE

A young warrior sails from Egypt to a secret destination in India, carrying a mysterious package from the Great Pyramid. He guards a secret for which wars have been fought, for which men have staged the most ruthless massacres.

But the forces of darkness are not far behind.

Present day

The favorite for the US Presidential election is assassinated. Nuclear submarines are destroyed. An Indian army convoy faces a deadly border attack. And a terrible fate awaits Delhi, as the city hurtles towards a long night of destruction.

Yet, this is just the beginning.

As the trail of the AgniBaan races from desolate lakes to dense jungles, from lost cities to hidden temples, from the US election campaign to bloodthirsty underground duels, it is clear that an ancient prophecy is coming true.

Empires will fall. Darkness will prevail Hell's fury shall be unleashed

AgniBaan: Guardians of the Fire Chamber by S. Venkatesh

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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