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Village alipura, Jhansi district, the late 1960s. The Dube family – widowed mother, four sons and a daughter – are precariously Solvent, but kept going by their dreams. Their immediate aspiration is to find a husband for binnoo. But the boys have dreams as well – of wealth, political power, dacoity, romance, or even just passing the intermediate exam.


A perennial bestseller since its Hindi publication (as baramasi) in 1999, alipura is beloved for its indelible characters, rambunctious plot, the way in which it leavens tragedy with humour and, above all, for its sense of place. With a wit both savage and tender, sparkling none but with affection for all, Gyan Chaturvedi gives a portrait of a family, an era and a region – bundelkhand.

Alipura by Gyan Chaturvedi

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