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A crook messes up his first murder due to a misplaced phone call, a tenant grapples with his grumpy ex-landlord to get back his deposit, a son revels in his father coming out of depression due to a leopard.

An orphan slum boy and his dog caught in Mumbai’s biggest deluge, a young boy's escapades in the hills only to be held captive while witnessing wildfires, a gifted but struggling poet becoming estranged with his wife due to the adversities of life.

In this seeming farrago of short stories and poems - you will encounter incredible but real characters dealing with tricky situations, complex human relationships, dreams, superstitions and even reflections on the basic premise of life. From these myriad pieces, some of which are broken, some complete, some colourful and some dark, there emerges a synergy, a harmony in the way they are all cemented together to create a beautifully imperfect mosaic that promises to resonate with your mind and nudge your heart.

An Indian Farrago by Mohit Khare

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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