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Know the meaning of Hindu Gods and Goddesses? 

Know the great philosophy of worship in idols by the Hindus?

What makes an Avatar of Lord Vishnu?

Why Devi Durga is worshipped in many different manifestations?

How come death (Yama) is a God! How Hindu Gods are parts of health sciences?


This book has found a foundation of the Hindu religion that enables to know Hinduism better, to find answers to all such questions. 


This book tells about the meanings of the Hindu Gods. It speaks about the living body. Body/health and Gods are the same! The science of “life” of ancient times is Hindu Gods, by names. The book has decoded the Hindu Gods, including astrological planets, in the language of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, physics, behavioural science, etc. giving new dimensions to the religion, and our biological understandings. 


Welcome to the knowledge core of the Hinduism.

Biological Decoding of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses by Saranyu S. Saraswati

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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