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Meet the brash peacock who flew to heaven, the demon serpent, bumbling flying elephants, or even an evil, shape-shifting jinn, on your journey through this delightful story book.

Beautifully illustrated and imaginatively retold, Birds and Beasts, a retelling of classic Indian folktales and lore will make a fantastic addition to your library. These stories come from every corner of the country – from the Hitopadesha, Kathasaritsagara, and Puranas to the Quran and Janamsakhis,. Some have been drawn from oral tales from Ladakh, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, and Uttarakhand, and also include tribal folklore from the Santal and Khasi tribes.

Sourced from classic texts and collections of folk tales that date as far back as the 11th century, stories in Birds and Beasts: Enchanting Tales of India – A Retelling range from the unusual to the familiar. Whether you read them quietly or aloud, they are bound to stir the imagination of every child!

This title is the second in a series – the first being Mischief & Magic, a collection of magical tales from across India.

Birds & Beasts: Enchanting Tales of India by Sonali Bendre Behl

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