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What did advertising campaigns look like 100 years ago? How did early brands capture the imagination of Indian consumers? How deep are the roots of modern consumer behaviour in the country?


Lux soaps, Jabakusum hair oil, Woodward’s Gripe Water, Atlas Cycles, Dalda, Mafatlal Textiles – these evergreen brands have immortalized themselves by capitalizing on emerging trends for almost a hundred years. These popular brands as well as others lesser known (though equally iconic) can teach modern-day brands a thing or two about surviving in a market that is in constant flux.


Focusing on a century bookended by two movements for independence, Branded in History draws readers into the fascinating story of how colonial Indian brands – both home-grown and foreign – were produced, distributed and marketed between 1847 and 1947, a time when branding as a concept was still in its infancy.


From consumer goods to consumables, household utilities to toiletries, and heavy industries to medical supplies, this book explores the reasons behind the successes and failures of the earliest brands in the subcontinent, and presents valuable and relevant marketing lessons from an era gone by.

Branded in History by Ramya Ramamurthy

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