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Learn how to take risks, thrive and build your dream career.

Contains a foreword by Flipkart CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy.

Each one of us dreams of possibility – in our careers and in our personal lives. But our pursuit of possibility is hamstrung by a single myth that looms large over us time and time again. The Myth of the Single Choice has led us to believe that one large choice stands between us and success, and that a single failure may topple us should we choose ‘wrongly’. Influenced by this myth, we let fear trump possibility: we become paralyzed.

But Sukhinder’s journey tells a different story. When people thrive, it’s because their fear of missing out on an opportunity (FOMO) overtakes their fear of failure (FOF) and compels them to take action. Better yet, they keep acting, building a fundamental risk-taking muscle that under weighs the importance of any single choice in favour of continually ‘choosing’.

These ‘Choosers’ accumulate outsized impact and success over time, while also being more likely to make a number of ‘failing’ choices along the way. In this book, Sukhinder will show you how to be a Chooser, presenting strategies that increase your risk-taking abilities, lower your fear of failure and expand your own possibilities.

Choose Possibility by Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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