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Shrouded in secrecy on the peak of Mount K2, commonly known as the Savage Mountain, there is a concealed ashram where the custodians of a rare Vital Knowledge dwell. The mastery of this Vital Knowledge bestows immortality and unparalleled cosmic power called siddhi.


Bubba, a sinister master tantric, has partly accessed this Vital Knowledge using treachery and attained certain siddhi. Asura, cosmic conquerors, who have been searching for the Vital Knowledge have detected Bubba’s brazen use of siddhi. Eons ago, Asura had decimated Earth believing Earth to be the cradle of Vital Knowledge.


Suspecting that Vital Knowledge could still be on Earth, Asura want to know how Bubba, an earthly being, attained siddhi and became a siddha. A pact is made between Bubba and Asura to hunt for the complete Vital Knowledge on Earth once again. Earth is in abysmal danger.


To avert the looming disaster, a young American woman Gerua is chosen by the custodians to receive Vital Knowledge and partake in an ancient prophecy. Gerua, along with her five-year-old son Danta, must find a cosmic shape-shifting gate that traverses space and time. If they are successful in finding the gate, Danta may become a super siddha and be able to protect Earth as well as the Vital Knowledge. Gerua does not know what this gate looks like or where it is going to be.


Meanwhile Bubba, who suspects Gerua knows the hiding place of the Vital Knowledge, has unleashed his uncanny army upon Gerua and Danta in a ploy to procure the complete Vital Knowledge. Bubba’s army, unlike any other to have walked Earth before, threatens to frustrate any attempts to find the gate and capture Gerua and Danta. Beguiling creatures, ascetic warriors, and immortals join Gerua and Danta on their perilous quest. Together they must tackle Bubba’s demonic ire, confront his army, and find the gate.

Dwandv: The Battle for the Gate by Dinkar Goswami

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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