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The Sikkimese masses had been subjected to forced slavery during the Indo-Tibet trade through the legendary Silk Route in early 20th century. 


The Kazis and Thikedaars  led this slavery from the front. Since, these human loads were covered with black tar laced tarpaulin, to save it from rains, it was termed as KaaloBhaari (Black load) by the masses.


This fictional novel depicts the time and trauma of the masses who were inflicted KaaloBhaari and traces history through the lives of Kandel and his son Bharat. It also brings forth some historical facts which are woven intricately with the story at the same time depicting the natural beauty of Sikkim and some of the age old practices.


What were the pains like? How did they withstand this pain? Will they ever get over it? KaaloBhaari  will perhaps answer many of these questions and at the same time unearth the untold dark history of Sikkim in its rawest from.

Kaalobhaari: The Black Burden by Shanker Deo Dhakal

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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