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On the third day after the death of bangaravva, a solemn procession making its way towards the graveyard encounters a strange obstacle. A blast of wind rises up in revolt, the embers flare and the sacred ritual fire falls to the ground. The ceremony is ruined because custom demands that the ritual fire never touch the ground. What follows is chaos and confusion.


Who will bear the blame for things going awry, and how might they be set right? The division between castes and communities comes to the fore as the Panchayat struggles to pronounce justice. A poetic work calling for change in our casteist society, karya unfurls a kaleidoscope of perspectives. Studded with symbols drawn from nature and myth, this small but significant novel unfurls the politics and power embedded within a Dalit community.

Karya by Aravind Mallagatti

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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