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As a compilation to rediscover layers of Kerala history, cultural heritage as we aim to bring alive the few stories. From the ancient to the 21st century, the people, places and potpourri that crafted the magnificent mosaic that is our land of Kerala.  


Trials, Triumphs and Tales.

“From the ancient to the 20th century, the gentlemen who augmented enterprise, freedom curbs and adventurous explorations have crafted the magnificent mosaic that is our nation.”

Today we stand at the fork of a trail as a fingerpost from the past to the present and into future. If we join hands to revive these lost tracks of our biodiversity, culture and traditions which led us till today, we will not be the last generations to tread the gentlemen’s trails.

By the end of the journey with us, you can arrive at whether the personalities depicted here were loyal contributors or mere consumers. Some will be fade into oblivion; some may remain temporarily as tombstones in your mind.

Few greats will stay in your hearts forever as living memorials relevant every minute, as they stood for freedom, service, enterprise, upliftment and peace. Sadly, today many of them are misrepresented by those who do not know them and their real motives, which kept the fire kindled in them.   

Kerala A journey in Time Malabar by George Abraham Pottamkulam

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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