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Ki.Mu.Ki.Pi, written in Tamil, traces the history of humans right from the very beginning up to the birth of Christianity.


The author, Madhan, starts with the birth of the planet earth and then walks us through the evolution of mankind. The book points out and explains the important events that took part in human history. The author, for example, mentions that one of the ancestors of mankind was an African woman. The book also mentions some of the most important civilisations that came up in the world.


The author’s narrative style is authentic and the book provides descriptions of the Egyptian, Roman and, Greek civilisations. Human migration through formation of continents is also covered.


Key Features:


  • The book focusses on Indian civilisation and traces the birth of the great Mauryan Empire.
  • The book narrates the birth of Christ and the birth and rise of the Christian era.

Ki.Mu.Ki.Pi by Madhan

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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