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This is the Garhwal Himalayas and the people who live on these mountain slopes in the mist-filled valleys of Garhwal, have long since learned humility, patience and a quiet resignation.


Deep in the crouching mist lie their villages, while climbing the mountain slopes are forests of rhododendron, spruce and deodar, soughing in the wind from the ice-bound passes.


A lifetime in the hills and a bountiful collection of stories throughout it—for over six decades Ruskin Bond has been charming readers with his stories from India’s hinterland. He has brought to the forefront of everybody’s imagination the mountains, valleys and rivers of Garhwal, as well as the magic of small, tucked-away places.

Landour Bazaar is a collection of his best-loved stories about Garhwal over the years.


Featuring some of his classics along with heart-warming anecdotes and essays woven around life in the hills, this book showcases Bond’s writing genius like never before.Get ready for an enchanting read that is sure to bring the mountains to you. 

Landour Bazaar by Ruskin Bond

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