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We have all come across the first flush of love and recall the lingering aroma of it. For all ages love remains one of the most congenial experiences for everyone. Mankind has coined various definitions to portray this delightful feeling, yet this little word is a feeling that can’t just be characterized. It must be elaborated as stories romantic tales.


The book 'Love Stories That Touched My Heart’ is compilation of those stories that came from readers all over the nation. It is a selection of such stories from readers who have a tale to share and possess a flair for writing. The collection of stories published in this book was selected from over 2000 entries that were submitted in a competition held by Penguin India.


It describes all emotions connected with love - anger, frustration, anxiety, eagerness, delicateness and nervous energy. While routing through these emotions, plenty of writers in this treasury takes you through first infatuation, first breakup, love- marriage, love in the second innings, love across decades, love across genders and sexual orientations and love across generations.


Nominated and edited by author Ravinder Singh, this anthology is made up of heart touching stories that will make you feel that love is the most spiritual emotion. So if you are romantic enough and love to read tales of romances that yield from the real life, then the book is ideal bet for you.

Love Stories That Touched My Heart by Ravinder Singh

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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