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Mad(e) In India is a frank and funny exploration of India and Indians. With disarming wit, this book explores Indianness and its many facets—who we are as a people and a nation, our quirks, superstitions, myriad gods and goddesses and holy men, our packed cities and streets, our obsession with film stars and filmy style, our jugaadu ways of solving all problems big and small, our diverse cuisines, cultural traditions and art forms, and the unity in diversity that bridges our superficial differences.


The authors skillfully showcase the qualities that quintessentially make up the idea of India. Diverse and complex as India is, readers are sure to understand it better and delve into its warm and generous heart as they turn the pages.


Written in a conversational style, generously spiced with humour and insight, and interspersed with a rich variety of Indian phrases, this book is an entertaining and light-hearted read.

Mad(e) In India by Tarika Roy, Soumya Gupta

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