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Marriage is an institution with its foundations rooted in Vedic and ancient spiritual, scriptural and societal norms. It gives religious sanctity to an affirmation between two individuals to become lifelong partners and companions. It signifies an eternal cosmic connect between two souls, wherein the wedding rituals formalize this bond between a wife and her husband. It is a union for the continuity of the human race. Magic of Indian Weddings delves into the genesis of wedding rituals, customs, beliefs and astrological perspectives.


This is a kaleidoscopic view of different types of Indian weddings, both religion wise and region wise. Brilliantly written, extensively researched and immaculately conceptualized, this sumptuously illustrated and designed book presents a canon of wedding literature with a plethora of rites and rituals. The unique dimensions of age-old traditions are presented with logical and scientific reasoning. Dr Kiran Chadha brings forth the heritage behind elaborate ceremonies. She looks at the meaning and relevance of shlokas, hymns and vows that go back centuries. From sacraments to pageantry, the wedding vows conjure up images from the deep recesses of Vedic times as couples embark on their matrimonial journey.


This book is not only a documentation of the treasured inheritance of values, beliefs and customs, but it is also a legacy for future generations. It is an earnest and timeless saga of the magic and mystique of the Indian weddings.

Magic Of Indian Weddings by Kiran Chadha

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