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In eternal dusk a ravaged Mandodari sits waiting... sitting there, alone a thousand years... scarred and naked without a shred of clothing, no defense against the elements, animal or man - questioning fate - challenging the ultimate. Her body filled with scars stand testimony to her suffering. Her desolate surroundings echo death and destruction. What were the sins committed by her to warrant such a punishment? Was it the hand of God or man? Would her silence reveal the answer?


For the first time, after a thousand years Mandodari breaks her silence... She opens up with the secrets of her life. Was it a regular childhood she had? An ordinary husband? Was an ordinary life possible with Ravana, the great Lord of Lankapuri as her husband?


Oh! Ravana - the name that brings loath and fear. Who was he? Did he really have ten heads? Was he the jealous, lustful and selfish one as history says? Is Ravana really an evil demon as he is being portrayed?


Was Ravana a loser, just because he didn't win the war? Was it an ethical war? Why was he murdered? Was it fair dragging Mandodari naked and molesting her in front of the whole army? Who was to blame, Rama or Ravana? Or was it her karma? Who decides karma? Is it always right?


It is only Mandodari, who can explain...


Enough! The questions of a thousand years will be answered now. History will be re-written. This story is not Ramayana. It is Ravanayana . . . Yes, it is Mandodari's Ravanayana. . .

Mandodari’s Ravanayana by Sundari Haran

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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