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Over the years, the word ‘yoga’ has become synonymous with Hatha Yoga, a type of yoga that focusses on a set of physical postures to keep our bodies fit and healthy. However, there are many other types of yoga, with each having the same primary objective—the union of mind, body and spirit. Mantra Yoga also connects our lower selves with our higher selves through the sound vibrations emanating from mantras or japas.


Despite the growing popularity of chanting mantras, the discipline and the rationale underlying this unique and distinct form of yoga have not been expounded in a manner that explains its enormous benefits. Fortunately, the Western world’s insistence on scientific reasoning has led to numerous modern-day experiments that prove the physiological benefits of the ancient tradition of chanting mantras.


This book will help the reader feel the power of connecting with the universe through vibrational frequencies and achieve their fullest potential.

Mantra Yoga by Jairam Seshadri

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