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Mahatma Gandhi was jailed more than ten times and altogether he spent six and half years behind bars in the prisons of India and South Africa. Once he said, “We would all profit from the kind of simplicity and solitude we find in jail.” Expressing his views about criminals and jails he wrote, “All criminals should be treated as patients and the jails should be hospitals admitting this class of patients for treatment and cure.” 


After reading “Mohan to Mahatma : The Role of Jails”  one will come to know :

  • The condition prevailing in prisons of India and South Africa during the British rule. 
  • The way Bapu spent his life in jails and the message he passed on to outside world from behind the bars.
  • The efforts put in by the great soul to overcome the hardship and humiliations of the jails. 
  • Bapu’s thought of the crime, criminals and jails and how jails helped him in his great transformation from a simple man into Mahatma.

Mohan to Mahatma: The Role of Jails by Deepak Kumar

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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