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Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Space - are they just five physical elements, or something more than that? What exactly is their role in the evolution of mankind? Is there a way of looking at these elements that can help us uncomplicate our lives


Understand the role of these elements in our lives through this enchanting tale of nine cousins and friends. Brought up in the same household, the kids grow up learning about the five elements and a unique philosophy of life from the eldest and intuitive, Saira!


The story explores their complicated adult lives as each one of them tries to find meaning in their life and overcome challenges, using Saira's teachings. Using a blend of fact and fiction, this book explains how the five elements not only constitute the physical realm, but are also our mirrors!

My Shape by Gaurav Dua, Shivi Dua

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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