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In the ancient town of Ayodhya, two lovers of different faiths, Shivam and Aaina, have just begun to come together-she, a college student and he, an aspiring tailor. Unfortunately, the day they decide to confess their love is also the day he loses his all, his shop, his parents and his blue-eyed beauty, to a riot.


Only painful memories are left behind. Bitter and broken, Shivam shifts to Delhi, to lose himself in the bustle of the city and his work. Then, one day, the past comes back to him like a whiff of air, and he gets the impression that Aaina is alive.


With the information he gathers, Shivam stitches a path-a journey that takes him all the way to Dubai in search of Aaina. What is love if not a thin thread of hope . 

One String Attached by Pankaj Dubey

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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