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Sometimes when you're desperate to leave the past behind, the past is eager to catch up!

Anuradha left Delhi when Dhruv chose his family over her. She thought that that chapter of her life was over and so she began building a new life in Mumbai. But strangely, the moment she leaves her past behind, her past begins to catch up with her. Dhruv suddenly comes back into her life and even as they begin to figure out their relationship, horrible things begin to happen to people around them.


Who is it that cannot see them together? Who is carrying out these shocking crimes? Are they really soulmates cursed to stay apart or is there a karmic debt that they must pay back together?

Breathless and thrilling Only the Good Die Young is unputdownable.

Only the Good Die Young by Akash Verma

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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