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Bipin Desai and Anuj Shastri are two best friends who lead equally pointless lives. But that doesn’t stop them from dreaming big and getting rich fast.


Together they concoct a plan to rob a van full of cash and manage to get away with loot of over one crore rupees. But the van belongs to one of the wealthiest families in Delhi, which means there is pressure on the police to solve the case quickly. The two are arrested within days, but the cash is still nowhere to be found.


The officer-in-charge, Senior Inspector Arfy Khan, has forty-eight hours to make Bipin and Anuj confess to their crime by convincing one of them to go against the other. The two friends only have to keep their calm and their stories straight in front of the police officer. But there is one major obstacle: SI Khan isn’t allowing Bipin and Anuj or their lawyers to see or talk to each other.


Will the two survive the test of their friendship? Or will they choose personal freedom in the face of a twisted dilemma?

Prisoner's Dilemma by Vish Dhamija

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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