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The creator of immortal films, Satyajit Ray was also a writer of great repute. In this collection are some of his most extraordinary and gripping stories that will take readers to realms of adventure, fantasy and horror. While 'Bonku Babu's Friend' deals with a mofussil schoolteacher's encounter with a friendly and somewhat awkward alien, 'Anath Babu's Terror' is the tale of a ghost hunter's foray into a haunted house. meet Bipin Chowdhury, who seems to be suffering from a most disagreeable bout of amnesia, and read the amazing story of a carnivorous plant with a monstrous appetite in 'The Hungry Septopus'. This collection also includes two stories featuring everyone's favourite detective, Feluda!


Published originally in Bengali as Ek Dojon Goppo, this collection--the first in a series of short stories written by the master storyteller--is funny, sinister and intriguing by turns and truly a must-have.

Puffin Classics: One Dozen Stories by Satyajit Ray

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