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# A fantastic reimagination of the Classic tale of Sinbad the Sailor from the Arabian Nights
# A must-have for all Young Adult, Fantasy, Fiction, Adventure, and Romance readers
# For the fans of Rick Riordan, Cassandra Clare, Eoin Colfer, Sarah J. Mass, George R. R. Martin, and Neil Gaiman
# Perfect for those who like stories involving prophecies, gods, demi-gods, Armageddon, friendship, and love
# Written by the bestselling mythology fiction writer Kevin Missal

Before I came to be known as the greatest sailor in the world, I was a young monster hunter who fell in love.

As all legendary love stories go, things were . . . well, not smooth sailing. And of course, there was the problem of the Armageddon.

So I set sail across the seven seas to hoodwink a Greek god, crash a vampire wedding, mollycoddle a giant and face the Angel of Death.

And as the hourglass turned, I had:
Seven days to save the world.
Seven days to kill the only girl I have ever loved.

Bestselling author Kevin Missal pens this thrilling reimagination of Sinbad--the fabled sailor from the classic One Thousand and One Nights--who encounters fearsome mythological monsters!

Sinbad and the Trumpet of Israfil by Kevin Missal

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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