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Sivagamiyin Sabhadam - 1 2 is a famous Tamil novel set in 7th Century India. The novel was written by Kalki in the year 1944 in the form of a series of stories in a weekly magazine, that were later compiled in the form of a novel.

The historical novel does not have a protagonist as there are many important characters in it. The Pallava emperor Mahendravarman I occupies centre stage in the first half of the novel and his son Narasimhavarman gains prominence in the latter half. The plot of the novel focusses on the laying of a siege by Pulakesi II, the Chalukya king, on Kanchi and the prince Narasimhavarman's revenge attack on Vatapi, the capital city of the Chalukyas.

This story about love, friendship and honour is divided into four parts. It begins with Paranjothi's Journey and then moves to The Siege of Kanchi. Next comes The Monk's Love and the novel ends with The Shattered Dream.


The characters in the novel are portrayed in a varied manner, with King Mahendravarman shown to be an expert in art and disguise while also being a kind and easily reachable king. His tolerance towards all religions and love for peace is highlighted in the novel. His son Narasimhavarman is portrayed as a passionate man who falls in love with a dancer called Sivagami, so much so that he is ready to abdicate his throne for her. The dancer Sivagami is shown to be of generous and talented.


In sharp contrast to King Mahendravarman is the Chalukya King Pulakesi, who is ruthless in action and hungry for war. He is a vain king who doesn't pay heed to the advice of others. Pulakesi's brother Naganandhi is the villain of the novel. He is a cunning spy who is also in love with the dancer Sivagami.


Sivagamiyin Sabhadam - 1 2 is available in paperback. This edition was published in the year 2012 by Thirumagal Nilayam.

Sivagamiyin Sabhadam - 1 & 2

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