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The book is an unprejudiced insider view of one of the bloodiest conquests of the world. While many Indian history books are written to suit the agenda of invaders, this is an honest attempt to present history as it actually happened, bereft of any bias or animosity.


The book presents a comprehensive integration of history with engineering, mathematical and management fundamentals. It relates the historical events with contemporary knowledge of game theory, chaos, scatter/randomness, network theory etc. and their correlation and causation is a key takeaway for this unique version of history.


The inverse relationship between ethnic diversity and economic and social progress is clearly established. Further, how polytheistic societies recognizes other gods without any malaise and why concept of Karma is built in every such society is thoroughly explored. Till 700 CE in ancient India , its citizens were basking through the golden period making stupendous progress in science, astronomy, Literature and architecture with the whole world looking up to India . It was a cradle of the human race. Then mayhem began.


First by Arabs and then Turks invaded. After that Afghans came. Then some others. There was virtually a stampede to have their pie of India. The attacks that changed the trajectory of a country. India got reduced to a vassal state in no time and became a source for never ending supply of slaves and wealth, reducing the Hindu population by 80 million at one count within a few centuries. This is also the story of the brave Hindu warriors who resisted them heroically.


Because of them, India is the only ancient civilization to have its culture and religion intact. Raja Dahir. Lalitaditya. Pulakeshin. Nayaki Devi. Jaipal. Suhel Dev. Prithvi Raj. And the list goes on.

Swift Horses Sharp Swords by Amit Agarwal

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