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'If I am here, in the flesh, then I am not here to forgive. I am here to conclude.'

Anirudh, the Kalki avatar, has been slain by the enemy. His allies swiftly regroup, not having the luxury to mourn the fallen hero. Bewildered at their loss, they look towards Avyay, who wields the mantle of the avatar now. Taking over the reins of the battle, the group faces the inevitable challenge as Ashwatthama fulfils his mission: resurrecting Kali, the Lord of Evil.


Will the forces of Kalki be able to save the earth or will everything perish? With unforeseen surprises and events stretching across realms known and unknown, and across yugas present and past, this third instalment concludes the Kalki Chronicles with an ending that you never saw coming

The Ascendance of Evil (Kalki Chronicles Book 3) by Abhinav

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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