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“The highlight of indulging in this liquid pleasure was that drinking tea left everyone sober, and therefore, the chances of saying foolish things were ruled out.”


Vivian, a warm-hearted young girl, who, like her father, very strongly believes in the value of education, one of the grinding problems of Victorian England. She is raised by her abled handed aunt, Bernice, whose humor, biting sarcasm and ability to talk directly leaves no room for use of ornamental words to prevent her from being candid. Together, they run one of the prominent tearooms in Bath.


Vivian’s life takes a turn as Arthur Blackwood, an aristocratic gentleman, worthy of all the praises and humble in every aspect, walks into her life, instigating her to explore the values she stands for. Unfortunately, superior in everything, Arthur lacks judgment of his own emotions.


Set in Regency England, The Bedford Tearoom is a fresh, entertaining and witty story, which deals with the complicated choices made by each character and its consequences and presents a penetrating insight into fascinating Victorian times, illuminating the confluence between the lives of the ordinary and the extraordinary. 

The Bedford Tearoom by Vasvi R. Tiwari

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