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If you have been best friends, does love ever stand a chance?

SAMAR - A passionate cartoonist and a hopeless romantic, he thinks mostly from the heart. He falls in love with his best friend Ashna, believing her to be his soul mate.

ASHNA - She is a budding architect chasing her dreams, living life as it comes, and looking for her Mr Perfect. Being the practical one, she doesn’t want to complicate her precious friendship with Samar.

When Samar confesses his feelings to Ashna, she is perplexed. And the emotional chaos and career challenges only make their lives messier.

When it boils down to choosing between friendship and their cherished notions of love, what will they go with?

The Cocktail of Love is an electrifying mix of dreams, confusion, commitment and the many shades of love.

The Cocktail Of Love by Dhruv Maloo

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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