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Women have always ruled, at times in veil or from the throne; unapologetic and unashamed, their lives are a reflection of what women think and feel today. They have told their story for us to discover the loves that are less spoken of, those which are recorded in history, but not explained.

A devout wife’s unfaltering service towards her leprosy-addicted husband finally wins her conjugal bliss. However, after a brief span, she is abandoned by her husband. Will she be able to win back the man she desires, or will her wishes sow the seeds of another legend? A beautiful courtesan and a marvellous dancer captured the fancy of the emperor. With her increasing greed for lust and power will her golden life last?

An imperious, pious princess melted the heart of a cold-blooded emperor and made him fall in love with her. Yet to her despair, her love slipped away. Will she be able to forget the betrayal? Will her love return?

Can a talented poetess, a ruthless and power-hungry woman vivacious and vicious princess placate her love for lust and power? Or will her actions prove fatal for the entire empire?

The Corridor Whispers... presents a collection of such tales, old and dry, like a power resting on a grave, of the sins, the virtues, love, loathe and despair.

The Corridor Whispers by Sonal Chaturvedi

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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