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Prostitution is like death. It doesn’t knock your door gently. It recklessly bombards into your house and takes away the most precious thing you would have treasured."


Yashri’s whole life has been a relentless spiral of agony. And to crown it all, her family sells her to the unsheathed claws of prostitution. It’s heart-breaking and atrociously cruel; though, happiness finally hugs her. But will the sunshine last through the storms?


This Devadasi turned Prostitute, in her most scathed form, is set to inspire you! She speaks to you about the most profound and raw human emotions; painting before you an extraordinary fairy tale where she is both the damsel in distress and even her own knight in shining armour! She takes you through the spectacles of Devadasi System, the hollow screams of Prostitution; the inhibitions of a Red-Light area and a journey of longing, passion, dreams, and an everlasting hope.


This fiction is about strength. Of every woman smiling through her meltdowns; reciprocating her leap from cages to crowns and it’s definitely about how she is much more than just a prostitute brushing aside all your frowns.

The Devadasi in Scarlet by Kabbyashree Dasgupta

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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