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As the Mahabharata war wages on, it shows no mercy and takes no prisoners. Death and destruction abound, and in the midst of a world rendered unrecognizable by a lust for power and malicious machinations designed to deliver an ultimate, godly win stand Bhishma, contemplating the immeasurable death he sees around himself as a man who cannot die; Draupadi, above and beyond the chaos and yet at the very centre of it, trying to protect her husbands at any cost as she manoeuvers turncoats and messengers, wondering who to trust; and Arjuna, beloved, powerful and lost in equal measure, uncertain of the ultimate cost of the war he is intent on winning.


The Dharma Forest is a grand debut filled with complex characters, conflicted loyalties and erotic jealousies from India’s most beloved epic that draws out an amoral canvas that is beyond good and evil.

The Dharma Forest by Keerthik Sasidharan

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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