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KABIR has tasted success, but wants to go higher and is working hard for it. His life changes when he meets a stranger one fateful night and is enamored by her.

ANAMIKA is a mystery, who is searching for herself. She tells Kabir her story, but on the condition that they would never meet again.


The night ends, but their story has just begun!
Their paths cross again, but Anamika disappears. With no clue about where she is, Kabir is lost and disheartened.

To what extent will Kabir go to find Anamika? What is Anamika hiding from him? Will they meet again?

Read this electrifying tale of destiny, love and courage to know more about The Girl I Met that Night.

The Girl I Met That Night by Zahir Chauhan

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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