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This anthology of short stories is set against the backdrop of the most important festival of the Bengali community - Durga Puja. It forays into the premise that Goddess Durga is more than just a warrior from mythic times. In today’s world, She is a persistent voice of rebel amidst a norm-abiding crowd. Her indomitable spirit is embodied by ordinary women who make extraordinary choices in their everyday lives. 


The stories unfold across the five important days of the festival - Shoshti, Shaptami, Ashtami, Navami, and Dashami - and take the readers on a tumultuous yet eye-opening journey. Even though the collection touches base with urban festivity from time to time, it also brings into focus the manifold narratives of rural and suburban Durgotsav. At times, it bravely meanders through the less popular legends of the Mother Goddess. But in its essence, it recognizes women who muster the courage to fight demons that lurk both within and outside of themselves.

The Goddess's Homecoming: Stories of Hope and Courage by Nibedita Deb

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