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The book The Great Kings Maruthu Pandiyars deals with the freedom fighters Maruthu Pandiyars of South India in the 18th century. The King Sethupathy of Ramanathapuram honoured them to extend their service in Sivagangai Seemai. Later, they became the de facto rulers of Sivagangai. They were well known for their devotional service, social reforms, implementing welfare schemes and taking care of the country’s administration and military administration with a virtuous sense of serving the society.


Before the advent of the freedom movement in India, the rebels of south India had organised revolutionary leagues. Maruthu Pandiyars, Virupakshi Gopal Nayakar, Kerala Varman, Dhoondhaji from Kannada Nadu, Veerapandiya Kattaboman, Rebel Muthuramalinga Thevar and other poligars fought against the British rule.


Untold sufferings and loss of lives of the south Indians were the sparks to enlighten the Indians to move towards the struggle of independence.

The Great Kings Maruthu Pandiyars by M. Manaiselvi Rajaraman

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