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Redundancy of the idea of religion seems to be growing in the age where any mystery can be demystified by Science. It seems as if patronizing religion is outdated in today’s so-called progressive world. However, adaptability and progressiveness have been the basic requisites of Hindu philosophy. Hence, it requires its followers to evolve with change.


Through this book, the authors have tried to endorse the role of Hinduism in the formation and development of human society. They have looked back at the conception, evolution and sustenance of Indian society through the lens of Hinduism, and have tried to explain this process through short Hindu mythological tales. We believe decoding folklore is also a source of understanding the history of any given period.


Different tales spanning different ages and times bring forth a completely different picture of the mores and morality of our society, which still abide by the constant basic principles of Hinduism. This signifies the adaptability of this great religion with changing times. The reader will discover that, eventually, the core values of Hinduism remain the same and support its relevance today and will continue to do so for eternity.

The Great Tale of Hinduism by P. Narahari, Prathviraj Singh

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