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The Bangladesh Liberation War was nearing its bloody end when Colonel Ashok Tara, then a twenty-nine-year-old major, was assigned the task of rescuing Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's family which was being held hostage by the Pakistani Army. Ashok Tara, unarmed, entered the lion's den, and negotiated with the hostile soldiers for the release of Bangladesh's Father of the Nation and his family that included a young Sheikh Hasina.

The Lone Wolf is Ashok Tara's story, charting the course of his celebrated yet quiet life as a member of the armed forces. Neha Dwivedi's writing expertly captures our hero's humble beginnings, his life-altering experiences, and offers a blow-by-blow account of a seminal event in South-east Asian history. As much as it is the story of Colonel Ashok Tara's bravery, it is also the story of a bleak-yet-victorious period of Bangladesh's quest for freedom.

The Lone Wolf: The Untold Story of the Rescue of Sheikh Hasina by Neha Dwivedi

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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