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In Brooke Burroughs's endearing debut novel set in vibrant India, enemies turned allies encounter obstacles in an unexpected multicultural romance only to discover that in the end, love is love.


Emma has always lived her life according to a plan. But after turning down her boyfriend's proposal, everything starts to crumble. In an effort to save the one thing she cares about her job she must recruit her colleague, Rishi, to be on her development team only she may or may not have received the position he was promised. (She did.)


Rishi cannot believe that he got passed over for promotion. To make matters worse, not only does his job require him to return home to Bangalore with his nemesis, Emma, but his parents now expect him to choose a bride and get married. So, when Emma makes him an offer and join her team, and she&;ll write an algorithm to find him the perfect bride and he reluctantly accepts.


Neither of them expect her marriage code to work so well or to fall for one another which leads Emma and Rishi to wonder if leaving fate up to formulas is really an equation for lasting love.

The Marriage Code by Brooke Burroughs

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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