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Maya and Kamakshi suffer at the behest of tantrics. Their friend Ranbeer, a filmmaker, starts work on an investigative documentary to expose those who misuse occult practices. Unknowingly, they embark onto a trail of the biggest undiscovered secret of ancient India’s esoteric practices. As they progress, the mystery thickens and takes them to hotbeds of occult practices – Banaras, Kamakhya, and even Yana, where they witness eerie aghori rituals, mystical sanyasis and tantric sex.


Soon, a series of uncanny threats emerge, from severed heads of endangered species to the abduction of those who help the trio, and a tsunami of trouble hits them as they run helter-skelter for cover.


Will they succeed in unearthing the secret and the mystic sinners behind it? Or will they entangle themselves in an unholy Nexus?

The Mystic Sinners by Proyashi Barua

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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