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The Resurrected is a collection of true stories of ordinary people who face sudden adversity and tragedy, and not only survive but overcome their problems and rebuild their lives.


Pooja, her husband and two children are diagnosed as HIV positive. After her husband's death, Pooja is thrown out of her home by her in-laws and has to face hostility and humiliation from society apart from pressure from her parents to remarry. Vinod seems destined for a life of crime after an accident leaves him physically challenged. He wants to change but his past catches up every time. Nagammal, an elderly fisherwoman, loses her grandchild, daughter and husband in the tsunami of 2004.


The family boat is also lost, the only means of income, which leaves her in deep despair. For these people the future appears bleak and hopeless. But they do survive and find meaning and purpose in their lives. These are just a few of the stories that form a part of this unforgettable collection.


Each and every one of these moving and inspirational stories is an incredible tale of survival and hope and will surely touch the heart of every reader.

The Resurrected by Saugata Mitra

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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