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In her second book, award-winning actor Divya Dutta recounts her experiences with some of the stalwarts of Bollywood who played a significant role in her film journey. She talks about the inspiration they have been in her life through their immersive interactions, through what they did for her, and what she learnt from them.

From getting Shabbo's dialect and look just right on the sets of Veer-Zaara with Yash Chopra to being inspired by Shabana Azmi's inimitable zest for celebrating life; from her impromptu improvisations on the sets with Irrfan Khan to her non-stop peals of laughter with Shah Rukh Khan, she tells it all with rare candour. She opens up about moments that changed her deeply from within. Such as the time when she burst out crying after playing mean to Amitabh Bachchan during a shoot, or when Shyam Benegal made her choreograph her own dance sequence in a film.

The Stars in My Sky is not only about the deep impact these experiences had on her life, but also about how they defined the trajectory of her career.

The Stars in My Sky by Divya Dutta

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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