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A beautiful silk fabric hardbound pocked sized edition. The Upanishads, originally written during 5th century BC and first translated into English in early 19th century, are early philosophical texts of the Hindu religion and contain within them the tenets upon which the central philosophical concepts of the religion are based.


A doctrine on Hindu thought and culture and perhaps the most important literature from ancient India, The Upanishads expound on principles like samsara, Brahman, atman, karma, dharma and moksha and form the core of Indian philosophy. Along with the Bhagavad Gita and the Brahmasutra, the Upanishads provide a foundation for the several later schools of Vedanta. This version is an English translation by Swami Paramananda as part of his mission to spread the Eastern teachings of Hinduism to the Western world. Paramananda was a Swami and one of the early Indian teachers who went to the United States to spread the Vedanta philosophy and religion.


He was a mystic, a poet and an innovator in spiritual community living. Using his experience as a religious scholar, Paramananda sensitively and successfully translated the wisdom into the foremost of Western languages. Easy to understand and simply written, the thought behind this text is to know your self and follow the wisdom within the text to lead a wholesome and spiritually centered life.

The Upanishads by Swami Paramananda

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