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India will just be a mere geography without its religious and spiritual ethos combined with moral values and civilization. If Bharat is known for its spiritual accomplishments and philosophical roots, one has to gratefully acknowledge the role played by its hallowed places of worship, holy rivers and magnificent mountain ranges which have inspired people for thousands of years. In particular, temples contributed in no small measure to Bharat's spiritual enlightenment, serving as a beacon to the rest of humanity.


Every temple in this holy land has a story to tell, a legend to elevate our spirits and is a sacred space for all of us to experience inner joy. One can find the contribution of so many saints and rishis who devoted their entire life to many places of worship. In olden days, temples served as a great center for enriching all facets of human life--be it spiritual training or yoga; be it education; be it poetry and literature; be it fine arts and sculpture.


There are thousands of fascinating temples, with great historical and spiritual backgrounds, spread all over the country. These temples can be divided into many groups, finding mention in innumerable scriptures. Which are they? Where are they located?


This book is an attempt to collect and curate and tabulate information in brief which will certainly answer some of the queries a prospective yatri may have. All the information in the book was collated after personal visits to these places by author.

Thirtha Yatra by Ramesh Gangashetty

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