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Elephants are like humans – why do they say that? Can they grow a forest and plough a field? Can they defeat an enemy and win a war? Can they dance and paint, or trek up a mountain? Dig a well, build a temple and lay railway tracks, can they? Do they form lifelong friendships and let bitterness fester? Can they think of shortcuts? Do they pray and mourn?


The questions are many, but the answer will be the same: ‘Yes!’ Elephants can do all of this and much more. For ages, people around the world have befriended and overcome these wonderful animals, who in turn have played significant roles in the evolution and progress of humankind. But do the elephants truly belong in our world? And what is their world like?


Let’s ride on the backs of actually, let’s walk beside some of the most extraordinary elephants that have roamed the earth and watch their stories come alive, and understand how these beasts wish to shape their world and if they really want to be like humans.

Trumpet Calls by Nalini Ramachandran

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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