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Aryan boards the same bus every morning. Everything is completely normal until twelve minutes later...Aryan sees him on the very next stop.

"The dusky crinkled face had the coldest brown eyes, those of a predator—piercing, numbing.”

Before those penetrating eyes scan the second-to-last window of that rusty corporate bus, Aryan stoops way below it, grabbing whatever he can to survive those distressing moments that the bus halts there.

No one knows what goes on in that bus every day for seven years, until one day, Rekha boards it on that very stop and occupies the seat next to Aryan.

With an empathetic insight into human mind and its characteristic compulsions, the story manages to unravel layer after layer of the complex psyches before us.

Does Aryan ever express his daily struggle? Does he confess his feelings for Rekha? Will Rekha stop blaming her father for what happened to her mother?

And will Aryan gather enough courage to look out the window...twelve minutes later? "

Twelve Minutes Later by Vedashree Jha

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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