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Which Kaurava was inspired by the birds to commit one of the most grotesque murders in the Mahabharata?
Why did King Muchkund sleep for a million years and wake up in the Dwaparyug?
Whose soul had entered the dice of Shakuni?
Why was Gandhari married to a goat before she wed Dhritarashtra?
What was the secret behind Arjun's chariot being burnt to ashes after the war?
Who instigated Janmejay to burn every snake in the universe?
Who was the only Kaurava to cross over to the Pandavas before the battle?

An epic that never dies and still remains relevant even thousands of years later-Vyasa's Mahabharata has always captured our imagination. The saga of two feuding families, the Mahabharata, with its various twists and turns, has been a compelling read across generations, inspiring many to dig deeper into the great poem. This collection of twenty short stories brings out characters and incidents that are largely unheard of and are buried in the vastness of the epic. Capturing every emotion from valour, lust, loyalty and treachery to goodness and ethics so relevant to the world we live in, these stories help us understand the epic better by bringing out a different dimension altogether.

Untold Tales from the Mahabharata by Uday Shankar

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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