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Those who know astrology only predict what might take place in the future. Except the Creator, Brahma, who can say with any certainty what will happen in the days that lie ahead of us? As with everything else in our lives, so too is it difficult to say with authority whether our marriages will be rough or happy. M

Venus and Mars are the planets which play a very important role in love and marriage. Venus symbolizes love, sex and comfort. It can also play havoc with a marriage. Mars can also bring misery into a marriage; it indicates dispute, divorce, accidents, and even murder. How can the malign influence of Mars be neutralized? Can a Mangalik and a Non-mangalik ever marry each other? What are the prerequisites for a happy marriage?

Celebrity astrologer P. Khurrana provides fundamental and practical insights into marriages in this enlightening guide. Venus and Mars gives readers the lowdown about the matching of horoscopes and astro-analysis into marital happiness and provides important insight and advice for every zodiac sign. Its approach will make the process of searching for a suitable match much easier if followed and understood properly. And, it will help most couples lead a very happy and successful married life.

Venus Mars: Love and Marriage by P. Khurrana

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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