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This is Nandini Sen mehra’s debut collection of poems. Striking yet subtle, the hundred poems in this collection traverse the terrain of life, love, suffering and existence. Nandini explores many textures of thought – from the ordinary to the sublime and from the mundane to the exhilarating – through a refreshing and perceptive gaze.


The poems are a memorable journey through the heart, mind and spirit as they explore worlds within and without. In this collection are poems of love in its many shades, of nature, of people and places the poet has known as well as poems that seek to understand the paradoxical human condition through curious eyes, often turned inwards.


With an easy readability and a beguiling simplicity of style, this collection of poetry holds appeal far beyond the confines of a narrow literary world and can serve as a trusted companion and friend to many, as they journey through the vicissitudes of their own lives.


The inimitable Gulzar has written the foreword for whorls within and has called the book ‘a hypnotic exploration of worlds within.’.

Whorls Within : A Hundred Poems by Nandini Sen Mehra

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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